Junior Speaking Contest School Finals: We have a winner! (2 actually:-)

The JSC (Junior Speaking Contest), the speaking competition in which second and third years of all bilingual schools compete, to win the title of best speaker of the Netherlands. Every year there is a theme, to which all speeches must link. This year that was as followed: ‘What broadens your horizon?’

Our school competition was on Monday the 16th of January. The microphone was set up and nerves were frayed, as our 15 speakers prepared themselves to speak in front of a jury, made up of two fifth year students and two teachers, our own teachers, and more than 70 students! IMG_3160The winners, Akash Hasan (second year) and Claudia Bron (third year) (me), will be going to the regional finals, where they will be battling against all the winners from the region, from which only one from each year can go to the national and final competition!

IMG_3147The event was well organized this year as well: a big thank you to Nuffic for taking the initiative. Nuffic not only organizes the JSC, it also initiates other activities in which all bilingual schools can participate.

Now, am I nervous for the next round? Very. But I have great support, which will help me get through it, and, after all, nerves boost your energy, which is a good thing if you want to give an awesome presentation!

All of the speakers did amazingly well, and we are sure that all of them could have been good regional finalists.IMG_3155

The school is very proud of this year’s presentations, and they have a good reason to be.

The regionals will be on February 8th, till then there will be a lot of practice.

Wish us luck!

Claudia Bron: Winner 3rd years.


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Uganda here we come

Bags check-mark, vaccinations check-mark, passports check-mark. Ready for the Worldmapping expedition to Uganda, Africa. 17 students and 3 teachers will fly to the land of beauty this Saturday. We hope their trip will be amazing! While they are there, they will try to post blogs on their blogpage. If you want to read about their adventures you can visit this site:


Happy and safe travels everyone!





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T2t wins Day of the Newspaper Project in Amersfoort

Today 5 students of T2t and T2u represented MarnixTTO at the annual regional finals of the Day of the Newspaperproject at ‘t Atrium in Amersfoort. And once again they did really well.

For the quiz our teams scored high and won second and third place. T2t produced the winning newspaper and was able to bring the trophy back home! 

Good job Adnan, Selim, Tobias, Glenn and Robin!  

the teams and their prizes!

 Some extra praise is in order for the English teachers! Thanks Ms Houwink and Ms Gould! 

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Simply Speechless at the regional finals of the Junior Speaking Contest 2016

It’s Tuesday, February 2nd. It’s a rather long drive to the east of the country. We have to go to Isendoorn College in Warnsfeld for the annual regional finals of the Junior Speaking Contest. Schoolfinals winners Anouk van der Meer and Stefanie Boonzaaijer have perfected their speeches in the last few days. They practise some questions in the car with their supporting crew.
Once arrived the second years have to pick red cards with numbers to determine the order of speakers. Stefanie picks number 10, which means she is the last speaker in this round. All speakers, mostly girls have great speeches, even though Simply Speechless the topics ‘Child Labour’ and ‘Human Rights’ were discussed more than once.


Stefanie Boonzaaijer

Finally it’s Stefanie’s turn. Her nerves seem to have abandoned her completely. She comes across as confident, strong and calm. Her speech: ‘The Sound of Silence’ focuses on the positive effects of music. An original topic, that is for sure. Her English is immaculate and her voice pleasant to listen to. She sticks to the timeframe of 2.30-3.30 minutes and answers the question panel’s questions without hesitations. A great performance, that would most definitely fit in the the top 3 of second year speeches. Well done Stefanie!


Anouk van der Meer

After a short break, for jury deliberation, the second round starts. Anouk has picked number 6, although she had hoped it was a 9:-). Again a variety of topics are discussed and the level of the speeches is once again high. It’s Anouk’s turn. She enters the stage and starts her speech: ‘The gift of a lifetime’ with a clear and calm voice. She moves around easily and addresses the audience with strong arguments in favour of Donor-registration. She places her pauses well and answers the questions perfectly. Great job Anouk, you are a natural speaker in front of an audience.


Waiting for the results of the jury

The jury uses the next break to decide who wins today’s regional finals at Isendoorn. It takes quite some time and the audience becomes rather fidgety. Once the judging panel is back in the auditorium everyone sits down and after some well-deserved ‘thank you’ speeches and flower ceremonies, the time has come to announce the winners. The representatives for KSG Apeldoorn and Isendoorn College are announced winners. All other candidates are announced runners-up. No matter the results, Marnix College and MarnixTTO are so proud of Anouk and Stefanie for their excellent job today!

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GLOBE Science Fair

MarnixTTO has been to selected to be part of an international research program set up by GLOBE .


Wageningen University

The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is an international science and education program that provides students and the public worldwide with the opportunity to participate in data collection and the scientific process, and contribute meaningfully to our understanding of the Earth system and global environment.  Announced by the U.S. Government on Earth Day in 1994, GLOBE launched its worldwide implementation in 1995.

GLOBE is jointly sponsored by U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Department of State.  Internationally, GLOBE is implemented through Government-to-Government agreements with each Country Partner responsible for in-country activities.  As the lead agency for GLOBE in the U.S., NASA has the primary responsibility for administering the Government-to-Government agreements, and the management of the GLOBE Implementation Office and the data and information system that support the worldwide implementation.nasa

28000 schools in 115 countries worldwide will be part of this year’s Science fair.

In the Netherlands 15 teams of 5 TTO students will conduct a thorough investigation concerned with soil, water, atmosphere and nature. The results will be presented to other participating teams and an official jury at Wageningen University. The best school is awarded with a prize.


Globe Science Fair


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Silke opens restaurant for UGANDA

Silke Westerbeek, a TTO4 student, will go to Uganda, Africa in less than two months. After setting foot on African soil on February 20th, she will be part of an adventure she will never forget. Together with seventeen other students and two teachers she will work at projects that are designed to help the locals that are in need.

To raise money for the local projects Silke opened her own temporary livingroom restaurant in Bennekom. A very successful one. You can read Silke’s story in her blog:

Silke’s blog about her African adventure

silke4silkesilke 3SIlke 2

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Cambridge and IB: Marnix Motief 40

CWdEroaUEAA7DBr.jpg large

Read the article here: MM40

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PR Team 2015-2016

Let me introduce you to the PR team of this year. You will see them at all PR activities. This year I have the pleasure to work with:

Anne Buizer V5IB, Yvette Lambi V5IB, Alex Mo T4t, Silke Westerbeek T4t, Emma Gunsing T3u, Anouk van der Meer T3t, Ethan Myer T2t, Josien van den Tempel T2u, Morris de Romijn T1u and Tessa Burkels T1u.

PR Team TTO 2015-2016

PR Team TTO 2015-2016

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Canada Exchange Movie Final Cut

In April and May of this year 20 students of Marnix College, including T3 and T4 students, were part of a cultural exchange with White Oaks Secondary School in Oakville, Toronto Canada. A great success! Canadian students made this video-impression.

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Saturdaymorning. March 21st. 7.15 am. The bus leaves for Maastricht. A 2-hour-drive. 16 students of different ages and levels and 3 teachers are on their way to TEDxYouth@Maastricht.

United World College Maastricht hosts the second annual TEDxYouth. This initiative is directly aimed at young people in particular. It is at this stage where one can be most inspired and influenced by people who have been able to materialize a concept.

This year’s theme is Beyond Horizons and the invited speakers have all incorporated this in their inspiring talks. We can listen to Erik Arbores, a child prodigy who has made great success a dj. Also, Esther van Duin, a former Marnix-student talks about her wish to change the world. Wim Hof, also know as the Iceman, tells us how we are all capable of living healthy and happy lives. Cees van Houtum, a “Volkskrant” columnist, suprises us with his speech about the political effect of having man-made borders.

tedx leerlingen

Ted-talks are often used in English classes at Marnix College. To inspire, to educate and to entertain. TEDxYouth@Maastricht was wonderful. We were inspired, educated and entertained.

tedx iceman

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Foreign Exhange Project with Manchester Communication Academy in TTO2

TTO 2 students will be involved in an interesting and challenging exchange project with Manchester Communication Academy and Philips Horne SG in Weert. The project will start this spring and will be continued in the new schoolyear.

This is a researched-based project for second year students aged between 13 and 14 years old. (With a sequel project in the third year.) The project highlights communication skills between teenagers in the UK (Manchester) and the Netherlands (Weert, Ede) using the English as the common domain language.
The aim of the project is to discover similarities and exchange differences in language use and culture among teenagers in the two countries. Using e-mail, Google hang-out, Skype and videos the students will exchange information and ideas in a professional way with the help of prompt questions.
The benefits:
– share views
– share culture
– enrichment
– better understanding of EU
– Working to SMSC model:
o Social – interaction with peers
o Moral – behaviour
o Spiritual – evaluation and self-reflection
o Cultural – internationalisation
The process:
One lesson every two weeks will be set aside for the project over a period of 8 or 9 weeks running from the beginning of March to the end of May. Students will pick a topic, plan it together in groups, write an e-mail to the selected pupils and react to responses on set project days.

Topics and themes:
– Getting to know your school
– Your area
– What do you have in common?
– Stereotypes in EU

Challenges will be set such as: grammar teach me, strange vocabulary and celebrities.

The finished product:
To consolidate the project the students will produce a pamphlet/web-design poster based on their findings and shared information. This will be a cooperative effort from all pupils involved.

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Last night Worldmapping and Marnix College organised an info evening for a new adventure! In February 2016 a new group will go on expedition to Africa. This time they will go to Uganda. We hope that students and parents were just as enthusiastic about the plans as we are. If you want to read more about Worldmapping and their expedition tot Uganda, click the following link:


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