TTO and Science: ik kom kijken TVWO Science 6 December

Last Wednesday we organised an afternoon for new TTO-students. This time we focussed on all subjects related to science. Mini-classes were taught and experiments were executed.

Most people believe bilingual education is focussed on language acquisition. This assumption is only partly true. Did you know that most of our TTO-students choose a science-related profile in year 4? So the interest in Biology, Maths, Technology, Physics and Food Issues is high. And all of these subjects are taught in English!

We have a  unique science-laboratory in the main building which is used for experiments and research. The new students used microscopes here to see layers of onions, spiders and small flies.

They visited the well-equipped Technology classroom where they made their own photoholders and they also solved some difficult English Math problems.

We hope everyone enjoyed the ‘ik kom kijken’ TTO science. We hope to see you all back on January 24th at 19,30 hrs. for the general info evening on TTO.

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Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is…

TTO first years have been working on a CHOCOLATE project! They developed their own new ideas for a chocolate bar. They learned about how chocolate is produced and they read books associated with chocolate including fiction and poetry.

They worked on their presentation skills to present the new products. And most importantly, they tested the and tasted the chocolate. They are true chocolate investigators now!

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TTO 2 Poetry Project

In the past few weeks our second years have been busy composing poetry.

Through poetry they explore different kinds of writing styles, writers’ techniques and the art of adjectives. They dig deep into their imagination and produce some very creative poetry. Hard work but great fun and the results are absolutely amazing:

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A trip to remember | Excursie Eerste Wereld Oorlog TVWO 3 | Dag 1: Ieper, de stad van de Vrede

Hun stemmen zijn verstomd in de stilte van het verleden maar vandaag ervaarden de leerlingen van T3 een connectie met eerste wereldoorlog. Ieper, de grote handelsstad met een trots verleden als lakenstad, werd in de eerste slag in 1914 met enorm mortier geweld kapot gemaakt. Na de oorlog verrezen in de verwoesting de ‘oude’ gebouwen. Zo werd zij een voorbeeld dat er voor iedere stad die zich in oorlog bevindt weer een herbouwde toekomst kan krijgen. Je ademt hier de lucht om te herdenken, ieder van de 600.000 zielen.

Voor 38 van de gesneuvelden hebben de leerlingen en hun begeleiders een herdenkingsbeeldje gemaakt die volgend voorjaar als onderdeel van een groot herdenkingskunstwerk tentoongesteld zullen worden. Aansluitend bezochten we in de voormalige lakenhallen het Flanders Field museum, waar de oorlog op een indrukwekkende manier tot leven werd geroepen. Het verlies van leven en de nutteloosheid van oorlog werden zichtbaar door de hoeveelheid kogels, de paarden die dienden naast de verwoestende kracht van nieuwe wapentechnologie. Voordat je het museum verliet werd je nog geconfronteerd met de vele conflicten die sinds 1918 zijn uitgebroken. Welk conflict was er in uw geboortejaar uitgebroken?


Na hapje eten en een korte blik op de kerstmarkt in aanbouw, bezochten we de Menenpoort. Sinds zijn voltooiing in 1928 het symbool voor het herdenken van bijna 55.000 Britste soldaten uit het vasteland en de voormalige koloniën. Sinds het einde van de oorlog worden deze soldaten iedere dag klokslag 20:00 uur herdacht met de Last Post als laatste groet voor hun dienst. Met deze laatste gebeurtenis maakten we ons op om terug te keren naar ons hotel in Lille. Morgen gaan we de route afleggen van de soldaat.

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Exchangeproject ISK Ede and TTO 3: Teenagers across boarders

By: Jos de Heij and Sofie Schonewille, T3u

On Tuesday morning two classes from the ISK visited our school to talk with students from T3u and T3t. In total, we were with about 60 students who were all very different. At the moment both T3 classes are busy with the teenagers project, in this project we learn about teenagers across the whole world. The idea of this ‘exchange’ was to find similarities and differences between you and students the students from the ISK (and then we can include this in the outcome of our project). Furthermore, we taught the other students what our day looks like here, what the rules are at school and many other things! Keep reading to find out about what kind of topics we discussed!


One of the topics we discussed was language (which was a bit ironic because sometimes it was kind of hard to communicate! 🙂 ) While discussing this topic there was one thing that really caught my eye and this was the fact that these ‘children’ spoke quite a lot of languages! Some of them spoke Arabic, Turkish, French, Dutch and a bit of English! Something else that I found very cool was that they were having trouble (sometimes) with speaking Dutch but sometimes so were we! We mostly speak English at school so while we were talking in Dutch we couldn’t always remember the Dutch words or spelling, luckily a boy from our group knew how to spell most of the words! Furthermore, we also learned some new words like ivet, which is yes in Turkish. On the poster we wrote all kinds of words, we wrote down cool Dutch words but also the word yes in as many languages as we could think of!

thumbnail_ISK1aFood was also a subject we talked about. This is the first topic that my group and I (Sofie) talked about. In the beginning, we didn’t really know what to do or to write down but eventually, we decided to write down all the foods that we find tasty and the foods that we dislike. We folded the large poster in half to make a line in the middle and proceeded to write down as many different kinds of food as we could. It was cool to see everyone’s different taste but also to see that the other students enjoy a lot of the same foods we do. However, the students in our group who were from Syria also enjoyed rice with some kind of sauce, which is something I don’t eat very often.

We also talked about traditions, for instance, what our favourite holiday was. Whereas most of the students from the Marnix college said they liked Easter or Sinterklaas best, many of the ISK students liked the Ramadan best. Although these are very different holidays, the reasons we liked them best were very similar. Exchanging gifts, being together with family and eating delicious foods are things we all enjoy!

Doing sports is something that almost all of us enjoyed. This was also one of the few topics where there was barely any difference! Most of the sports or hobbies we do were also things the ISK students did. For example, they also like to watch movies, read books, listen to music etc. Although they do listen to different songs and watch movies in different languages it is still something we can talk about. Furthermore sports the other students do include tennis, basketball, soccer, fitness and much more!

Quite a lot of students from Marnix also practice these sports. (Including me! I play tennis!) Most of them also read Harry Potter, all of this connects us to them!

Lastly, we talked about school, a topic in which the differences were very noticeable. Students from the ISK don’t take being on time too seriously (they only get ten minutes of corvee if they’re late after all) whereas us, students from the Marnix college wouldn’t risk being late because you’ll have to do two hours of corvee. When we gave the students from the ISK a tour through our school, we learned another difference. The students were amazed at how big our school is, and how many subjects we have. They told us that their school is much smaller and that they don’t have subjects like for instance chemistry or physics. Some of the ISK students told us that they might go to the Marnix college once their Dutch is good enough to follow subjects properly. They were very enthusiastic about it, and we would be glad to welcome new students!

So in conclusion, this exchange was a great success, and we all enjoyed ourselves, even if it was because we didn’t have normal lessons. The most important thing we learned from this, is that even though we might come from different countries and different cultural backgrounds, we are very similar in for instance our interests, hobbies, and tastes in music.

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Global Perspectives TTO3: Global Issues Team Projects

In the winter months T3 students set out to explore a range of global issues in their Global Perspectives Team Projects. thumbnail_IMG_20161223_154102Devising their own project aims and outcomes, this resulted in inquisitive teamwork and unparalleled engagement. While the topics and research questions varied widely, the one thing that the projects held in common was that different cultural perspectives had to be taken into account. One team researched various global issues and reported on them in 7 brochures in order to inform and build a model of ‘the ideal world’.thumbnail_IMG_20161223_154235 15192609_388459388211590_4542519848262973376_n Another group was inspired by the question ‘is anybody normal?’ and created hand-made flyers and a Facebook page to raise awareness on people with physical disabilities. thumbnail_15590018_404662489924613_5140465731306790991_nSome of the other projects included a poster on the death penalty and life sentence around the world, a website and poster on war and poverty, a rap song featuring Trump and Obama on discrimination and racism, a website on sports and health around the world, and a brochure on how to create diversity in your organisation by focussing less on language skills. One team did extensive work by creating an digital game around the theme of drought which was introduced through an incredible video trailer. The projects were to be finished with an extended reflection on aspects like the effectiveness of the outcome in reaching the project aim, on teamwork and what had been learned from personal research.Naamloos Thus, with a focus on learning skills, the teams were able to follow their own interest, make use of the creativity of the team and set out on a wonderful and intense, but invaluable journey.






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Junior Speaking Contest School Finals: We have a winner! (2 actually:-)

The JSC (Junior Speaking Contest), the speaking competition in which second and third years of all bilingual schools compete, to win the title of best speaker of the Netherlands. Every year there is a theme, to which all speeches must link. This year that was as followed: ‘What broadens your horizon?’

Our school competition was on Monday the 16th of January. The microphone was set up and nerves were frayed, as our 15 speakers prepared themselves to speak in front of a jury, made up of two fifth year students and two teachers, our own teachers, and more than 70 students! IMG_3160The winners, Akash Hasan (second year) and Claudia Bron (third year) (me), will be going to the regional finals, where they will be battling against all the winners from the region, from which only one from each year can go to the national and final competition!

IMG_3147The event was well organized this year as well: a big thank you to Nuffic for taking the initiative. Nuffic not only organizes the JSC, it also initiates other activities in which all bilingual schools can participate.

Now, am I nervous for the next round? Very. But I have great support, which will help me get through it, and, after all, nerves boost your energy, which is a good thing if you want to give an awesome presentation!

All of the speakers did amazingly well, and we are sure that all of them could have been good regional finalists.IMG_3155

The school is very proud of this year’s presentations, and they have a good reason to be.

The regionals will be on February 8th, till then there will be a lot of practice.

Wish us luck!

Claudia Bron: Winner 3rd years.


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Uganda here we come

Bags check-mark, vaccinations check-mark, passports check-mark. Ready for the Worldmapping expedition to Uganda, Africa. 17 students and 3 teachers will fly to the land of beauty this Saturday. We hope their trip will be amazing! While they are there, they will try to post blogs on their blogpage. If you want to read about their adventures you can visit this site:


Happy and safe travels everyone!





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T2t wins Day of the Newspaper Project in Amersfoort

Today 5 students of T2t and T2u represented MarnixTTO at the annual regional finals of the Day of the Newspaperproject at ’t Atrium in Amersfoort. And once again they did really well.

For the quiz our teams scored high and won second and third place. T2t produced the winning newspaper and was able to bring the trophy back home! 

Good job Adnan, Selim, Tobias, Glenn and Robin!  

the teams and their prizes!

 Some extra praise is in order for the English teachers! Thanks Ms Houwink and Ms Gould! 

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Simply Speechless at the regional finals of the Junior Speaking Contest 2016

It’s Tuesday, February 2nd. It’s a rather long drive to the east of the country. We have to go to Isendoorn College in Warnsfeld for the annual regional finals of the Junior Speaking Contest. Schoolfinals winners Anouk van der Meer and Stefanie Boonzaaijer have perfected their speeches in the last few days. They practise some questions in the car with their supporting crew.
Once arrived the second years have to pick red cards with numbers to determine the order of speakers. Stefanie picks number 10, which means she is the last speaker in this round. All speakers, mostly girls have great speeches, even though Simply Speechless the topics ‘Child Labour’ and ‘Human Rights’ were discussed more than once.


Stefanie Boonzaaijer

Finally it’s Stefanie’s turn. Her nerves seem to have abandoned her completely. She comes across as confident, strong and calm. Her speech: ‘The Sound of Silence’ focuses on the positive effects of music. An original topic, that is for sure. Her English is immaculate and her voice pleasant to listen to. She sticks to the timeframe of 2.30-3.30 minutes and answers the question panel’s questions without hesitations. A great performance, that would most definitely fit in the the top 3 of second year speeches. Well done Stefanie!


Anouk van der Meer

After a short break, for jury deliberation, the second round starts. Anouk has picked number 6, although she had hoped it was a 9:-). Again a variety of topics are discussed and the level of the speeches is once again high. It’s Anouk’s turn. She enters the stage and starts her speech: ‘The gift of a lifetime’ with a clear and calm voice. She moves around easily and addresses the audience with strong arguments in favour of Donor-registration. She places her pauses well and answers the questions perfectly. Great job Anouk, you are a natural speaker in front of an audience.


Waiting for the results of the jury

The jury uses the next break to decide who wins today’s regional finals at Isendoorn. It takes quite some time and the audience becomes rather fidgety. Once the judging panel is back in the auditorium everyone sits down and after some well-deserved ‘thank you’ speeches and flower ceremonies, the time has come to announce the winners. The representatives for KSG Apeldoorn and Isendoorn College are announced winners. All other candidates are announced runners-up. No matter the results, Marnix College and MarnixTTO are so proud of Anouk and Stefanie for their excellent job today!

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GLOBE Science Fair

MarnixTTO has been to selected to be part of an international research program set up by GLOBE .


Wageningen University

The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is an international science and education program that provides students and the public worldwide with the opportunity to participate in data collection and the scientific process, and contribute meaningfully to our understanding of the Earth system and global environment.  Announced by the U.S. Government on Earth Day in 1994, GLOBE launched its worldwide implementation in 1995.

GLOBE is jointly sponsored by U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Department of State.  Internationally, GLOBE is implemented through Government-to-Government agreements with each Country Partner responsible for in-country activities.  As the lead agency for GLOBE in the U.S., NASA has the primary responsibility for administering the Government-to-Government agreements, and the management of the GLOBE Implementation Office and the data and information system that support the worldwide implementation.nasa

28000 schools in 115 countries worldwide will be part of this year’s Science fair.

In the Netherlands 15 teams of 5 TTO students will conduct a thorough investigation concerned with soil, water, atmosphere and nature. The results will be presented to other participating teams and an official jury at Wageningen University. The best school is awarded with a prize.


Globe Science Fair


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Silke opens restaurant for UGANDA

Silke Westerbeek, a TTO4 student, will go to Uganda, Africa in less than two months. After setting foot on African soil on February 20th, she will be part of an adventure she will never forget. Together with seventeen other students and two teachers she will work at projects that are designed to help the locals that are in need.

To raise money for the local projects Silke opened her own temporary livingroom restaurant in Bennekom. A very successful one. You can read Silke’s story in her blog:

Silke’s blog about her African adventure

silke4silkesilke 3SIlke 2

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